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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
17213644271551487381013972David I HumphreyAlbany Creek Hawks2021/2022B1 North2 2Pine Rivers
2694514661551482381013969Bradley SengstockPine Rivers2021/2022B1 North2 2Albany Creek Hawks
3665331161551482381014266Tyler SmithPine Rivers2021/2022B1 North3 1Peninsula
46313644271551487381014163David I HumphreyAlbany Creek Hawks2021/2022B1 North3 1Macgregor Maestros
56312055431551498381013863SCOTT B ELLIOTMacgregor Maestros2021/2022B1 North2 1North Spartans
6612780281551498381014161Michael StrudwickMacgregor Maestros2021/2022B1 North3 1Albany Creek Hawks
7612829861551476381014261Darren McArthurPeninsula2021/2022B1 North3 2Pine Rivers
8584459001551474381014058Michael CrossleyGold Crest Cobras2021/2022B1 North3 1North Spartans
9524608341551482381013952*Rolan FlynnPine Rivers2021/2022B1 North2 2Albany Creek Hawks
105111085651551487381013651Scott MacdonnellAlbany Creek Hawks2021/2022B1 North1 1North Spartans
1150187108415529943381013650Nitish PaulNorth Spartans2021/2022B1 North1 1Albany Creek Hawks
12505331161551482381013950*Tyler SmithPine Rivers2021/2022B1 North2 1Albany Creek Hawks
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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